Neal’s Emacs Cheat Sheet

May 4, 2013 | In: WNYLUG

Emacs is my favorite simple text editor on Linux. To help everyone who is not used to Emacs here is a quick reference list of the commands I often use.

First some terms.

  1. Files are opened as buffers. When the buffer is saved the file is updated with the changes contained in the buffer. Multiple buffers can be open.
  2. A window is viewer for display and editing a buffer. Multiple windows can be shown.

Quick reference.

  1. open file: ctrl+x ctrl+f
  2. close file: ctrl+x k (press enter when prompted to close)
  3. save file: ctrl+x ctrl+s
  4. quit Emacs: ctrl+x ctrl+c
  5. split window into two windows top/bottom: ctrl+x 2
  6. split window into two windows left/right: ctrl+x 3
  7. close other split windows: ctrl+x 1
  8. move to next window: ctrl+x o
  9. list buffers: ctrl+x ctrl+b
  10. open Emacs shell: alt+x eshell

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