Fedora Project: Professors Open Source Summer Experience

March 25, 2009 | In: Fedora

I wanted to share this, as it was posted to our mailing list.

The deadline is looming for this project, so please feel free to pass on to other FOSS mailing lists.

POSSE is a program of Fedora and Red Hat that will immerse professors in Open Source projects so that they can better teach Open Source development techniques to their students.

Those selected to participate will have their living costs covered for the week.

My own take on this…As FOSS community members we’re beginning to see more personal and corporate adoption of Open Source Software.  It’s becoming more mainstream all the time.  Students who aren’t already learning Open Source development techniques are missing the boat.

This is an excellent opportunity for educators to learn FOSS Development from experts. So please pass this on.

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