February Meeting Recap

February 12, 2009 | In: Meeting, WNYLUG

WNYLUG  Meeting, 11 February 2009; 6:30 P.M.

Neal Chapman presented use of the Ubuntu 8.10 desktop.

  • Discussion of different available desktops/window managers.
  • Description of the items available on the Gnome menus.
  • Discussion of the different sound systems available (ALSA, OSS, PulseAudio…) and video drivers, and their improving support under Linux.
  • Introduction to print systems (CUPS, etc.), control of services, system log, process display, system information, etc., user administration,
  • Extensive coverage of the file browser capabilities, including tree views, tab views, setting defaults …
  • Discussion of mounting (mapping or connecting) drives, media such as flash drives, and even remote network drives, and discussion of partitioning (including swap/virtual memory space) use of multiple partitions such as a separate /home for your user data
  • Extensive look at software management for adding/removing packages from software repositories available on the Internet, including discussion of the type and content of different repositories, and repository management (use of a local repository, manually adding the address to other repositories, etc.)
    • Graphical interface to Synaptic
    • CLI versions; using apt-get to install dselect; trying aptitude
  • USB flash drive install; first install and use a partition manager like gparted; delete all partitions manually on the flash drive; then use System>Administration>Create a USB startup disk
  • Boot from flash drive to Ubuntu Live
  • Discussion of next meeting – continue with the Fedora desktop (Brian Powell) and then CLI command exploration
  • Discussion of future meetings, possible video conferencing with other organizations that are inviting us to host WNYLUG meetings at their location…
  • The meeting concluded approximately 9:10 PM

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