Fedora 10 (Cambridge) Launched to Explore Solar System.

November 25, 2008 | In: Fedora

THIS IS FEDORA SPACE OPERATIONS ANNOUNCING with great pleasure the successful launch of the new ship, Fedora 10: “Cambridge.”

Strapped into the pilot seats are the latest GNOME (2.24) and KDE (4.1), accompanied on their amazing journey by an all star crew of glitch free audio, better printing and webcam support, and a new faster graphical startup.

Also on this ride are wireless connection sharing and the next evolution in PackageKit, hooking through your multimedia applications to help install supporting software (codecs).

For developers and system administrators on this mission, we have built in appliance tools, Eclipse 3.4, NetBeans IDE, improved virtualization management with remote installation and storage capabilities, RPM 4.6, and new security auditing toolsets.

Please remember to polarize viewports to properly enjoy Cambridge’s brand new graphics theme, “Solar,” shining on the desktop. Also on this flight is a new lightweight desktop environment, LXDE, joining the more recent desktop envionment crew member, Sugar (from the starship OLPC XO), and the venerable GNOME, KDE, and XFCE.

We are now leaving drydock for a 13-month mission of innovation and exploration. Crew members and guests are invited to the forward lounge to use, study, modify, and redistribute.

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