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SilverBear silverbear at inbox.com
Fri Jul 7 15:09:34 2017

Yo, all!
Unless I've been surrepticuisally, em, surruptishisly, em, *secretly* unsubscribed, the WNYLUG list has been pretty quiet for a couple months. So this is not directly Linux-related, but may be of interest to some: 


I just read this story, which caught my attention because, in researching VPN services, I found that many people evaluate the merits of a provider based on whether or not that company is based in a Five Eyes country, or in one of the extended Nine Eyes countries.

As I understand it --and I'm only just barely acquainted with the topic-- The Five Eyes can circumvent domestic laws against spying on their citizens by sharing intel.  For example, it may be illegal for the UK government to read a person's email without a warrant. But it's not illegal under US law for the US gov't to read a Brit's email. And so they do, and then pass on info to the UK gov't.  And vice-versa.  

If stopping Terrorism, etc. were the only uses of this intel "partnership" it might be difficult to argue against its validity. But arguments have been made that it is regularly used in enforcing copyright laws in favour of corporate media conglomerates who then don't have to pay to do their own copyright policing. And other stuff. General privacy concerns vary.

I dunno.  But I think this lawsuit is about uncovering precisely what this intel-sharing arrangement has been and continues to be used for, as S.O.P. 

IOW, just how paranoid should a person be? 

Anyway, if y'all haven't burnt off your keyboarding fingers shooting off fireworks like all my neighbors (rural setting) have been doing for a week, read it and tell us if you think the lawsuit has merit, or is one of those "nothingburgers" we hear so much about in the news today.

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