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Sat Mar 24 04:17:49 EDT 2012

It's called synclient.  I've been fooling with it for years.  The problem
is that it's got almost 100 parameters and not a very good explanation of
any of them.  I tried setting something - probably in KDE that "turned off
the touchpad while typing".  It lasted about 15 minutes.  I go quickly
from typing to mouse functions and the imposed delay was worse than the
original problem.  There's probably a way to fine tune it, but I don't
know what it is.

I currently have edge scrolling turned off and it does it anyway.  My
touchpad is slightly left of center and my finger usually ends up at the
right edge.  When I mouse over to the vertical scrollbar on the right
edge, my cursor almost always keeps going off screen and off the
scrollbar.  And that's a minor problem!  It's also fun when I mouse up to
the scroll up arrow at the top of the scrollbar and it keeps going until
it stops on the close window button....


> If you're having trouble with your trackpad inadvertently registering
> while you're typing, there is an easy solution in Linux.
> There is a, I don't know what I want to call it, "program" maybe "daemon"
> is more accurate that can help you. You run it and it adds delay to your
> touchpad, so that it doesn't cause input to your shell while you're
> typing.
> Whenever you type, whatever delay you specified occurs. So if you
> accidentally hit the touchpad it wont do anything. It's as if you never
> touched it. Then, when the specified time runs out, it functions as
> normal.
> It's cool. I used it once, a while ago. My focus kept moving when I
> composed emails in Thunderbird. This would cause text to get inserted in
> the wrong place. Quite annoying.
> Maybe this is what you're looking for, instead of replacing the trackpad.
> If it is, the good news is, it exists. And it's installed with every
> distro, I believe. Just issue the correct command with proper syntax, and
> you're all set.
> The bad news is, I don't recall the name of it off the top of my head. And
> I'm not gonna look it up for you. :)
> You'll find it, if you look. Knowing it exists is half the battle. Hope
> that helps.
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> josephj at main.nc.us wrote:
>>I've been fighting my touchpads for years and, lately, they've become
>>almost intolerable. I spend more time trying to get the touchpad to do
>>what I want than I do actually getting things done.  I've had a couple of
>>bad coding errors caused by the touchpad unintentionally highlighting a
>>block of text and replacing it with text I was trying to insert.
>> Usually,
>>I catch this when it happens, but when I'm concentrating on what I'm
>>typing, it's easy to miss.  Also, touchpads have all sorts of extra
>>"features" like scrolling that are very difficult to disable (I've been
>>down that road).
>>I'm very tall (really long legs) and don't fit at a conventional desk, so
>>I have no place to put a conventional mouse and mouse pad.
>>I'm thinking about trying a wireless trackball such as (just an example)
>>1) Is this something I can just plug in and use with Linux, or will it
>>take fiddling or worse to get it recognized and functional?  It sounds
>>like the Logitec M570 just works.  (I don't need a wireless keyboard,
>>etc., so I don't have to worry about two devices and one receiver,)
>>2) Do any of you use a trackball or mouse "off table"?  I'd like to know
>>how you manage it.  I usually have my notebook on my lap.
>>I'm thinking about attaching it with Velcro to a strap on my leg (kinky!)
>>so I can let go of it and type with both hands without having it fall on
>>the floor.  That's why a wireless one would be ideal.
>>3) Trackballs are designed for either thumb or finger.  Any comments on
>>which you like and why?
>>Any ideas would be appreciated.
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