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Fri Mar 23 04:05:32 EDT 2012

No answers, but:

Firefox and Thunderbird haven't changed that much since they went into
major version of the week mode around version 4.  They're certainly not
fixing my pet peeves (and I have posted notes and filed a bug or two).

I'm running 11.0 on kubuntu oneiric (11.10) and I don't have any "new"
problems.  In fact, Googlebar Lite finally works right again.

Maybe your whole .mozilla folder needs to go.

If Firefox is closed, you can directly edit your prefs.js file (which is
where about:config comes from).  There's a little more syntax to deal
with, but it's not too bad.

On that note, if you have a backup of those files (profiles and prefs)
from when it worked right, you might just try backing up your current
files and replacing them with the ones that worked.  There's a fair chance
that may work.

I don't have it setup on this machine, so I can't paste it here, but what
I've done in the past is create another hidden folder where Firefox won't
touch it and put my profiles there.  That way, they only change when I
change them.  I can also do uninstalls and installs and then just point
them to my existing profiles without having to transfer or reconfigure

To make that work, edit ~/.mozilla/firefox/profiles.ini and change Path to
point at your directory.  If you use a full path, set IsRelative=0.


> Completely removed the Firefox package and other thing related to
> Firefox.
> Deleted the Firefox subdirectory under the .mozilla directory.
> Now I can type a url into the address bar and go to the site.
> The Google icon is on the search bar but nothing happens when a search
> term is entered and then enter is pressed.
> The about:config still hangs.
> The Tools/Add-ons still hangs so it is not possible to load the ones
> that were deleted.
> I guess I am now a Chromium user.
> Don't have a clue what to do next to fix the problem.
> On Thu, 2012-03-22 at 22:26 -0400, Joe LaVigne wrote:
>> I would make a backup of your bookmarks, then uninstall and purge
>> firefox, delete the configuration folder from your home folder, then
>> reinstall. Import your bookmarks, then add the addons manually, and
>> see if it works right.
>> Its likely to be a corrupted config.
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>> Steve Castelli <scastelli at roadrunner.com> wrote:
>>         I have been using Firefox almost from it's beginning. Never had
>> a
>>         problem with it. Don't have a problem with any other software.
>>         Now all of a sudden with Firefox 11 it has become unusable.
>>         Problems:
>>         1) Can not go to a web site by typing in it's url in the address
>> bar.
>>         (nothing happens)
>>         2) There is no search provider in the search bar. So no search
>> possible.
>>         3) Can not select or add a search provider for the search bar.
>>         4) Set about:config as my start page (just to get there) but can
>> not get
>>         past the button on the warning page.
>>         5) When I go to Tools/Add-ons all that comes a 'loading...'
>> message that
>>         never ends.
>>         6) Have BetterPrivacy add-on. When it is selected from
>>         Tools/BetterPrivacy, nothing happens.
>>         7) This is not a complete list all the problems.
>>         Uninstalled and reinstalled Firefox then rebooted.
>>         Can't uninstall the addons for testing (can't get there).
>>         Looked on the web for someone else with the same problems but
>> did not
>>         find anything;
>>         Using Ubuntu 10.04
>>         Installed addons:
>>         NoScript
>>         BetterPrivacy
>>         FoxTab
>>         DownloadHelper
>>         Any ideas?
>>         Any suggestions?
>>         Help!
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