[WNYLUG-Users] Firefox problem

Steve Castelli scastelli at roadrunner.com
Thu Mar 22 22:14:37 EDT 2012

I have been using Firefox almost from it's beginning. Never had a
problem with it. Don't have a problem with any other software.

Now all of a sudden with Firefox 11 it has become unusable.
1) Can not go to a web site by typing in it's url in the address bar.
(nothing happens)
2) There is no search provider in the search bar. So no search possible.
3) Can not select or add a search provider for the search bar.
4) Set about:config as my start page (just to get there) but can not get
past the button on the warning page.
5) When I go to Tools/Add-ons all that comes a 'loading...' message that
never ends.
6) Have BetterPrivacy add-on. When it is selected from
Tools/BetterPrivacy, nothing happens.
7) This is not a complete list all the problems.

Uninstalled and reinstalled Firefox then rebooted.
Can't uninstall the addons for testing (can't get there).
Looked on the web for someone else with the same problems but did not
find anything; 

Using Ubuntu 10.04

Installed addons:

Any ideas?
Any suggestions?
Steve Castelli
scastelli at roadrunner.com

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