[WNYLUG-Users] Repartitioning question & New grub 2 gui editor!

josephj at main.nc.us josephj at main.nc.us
Sun Mar 11 08:11:41 EDT 2012

Thanks.  I thought that might be dangerous.  I'll leave it alone until I
get Windows 7 in vm only mode.  That might be awhile.


Pete wrote:
>My Toshiba notebook came with sda1 as a 2GB partition
> that appears to have
> just some sort of Windows 7 loader in it.  sda2 has the rest of windows in
> it.  sda3 ... is Linux land.
> grub built both into the boot menu and I can boot Windows 7 from either of
> them.
> What I want to do is delete sda1 and grow sda2 to use the extra space.
> I can do this in gparted.
> Since all the partitions will be one number lower, what else do I have to
> do?
> Is there anything in Windows 7 that will get upset?
>     One of them (the smaller one) is almost certainly the boot partition
>     for windows, you don't want to whack that or you'll hose the windows
>     boot side. Check the flags and it will probably show the boot flag
>     as being set for that smaller one. I just resized an ntfs partition
>     with gparted yesterday and it bitched about something at the end and
>     said it didn't work but it actually did. I will prefer to use
>     ntfsresize from command line from now on, that is simple enough and
>     you can see all it's doing.
> As far as I can see, there isn't a hidden restore partition (or I already
> clobbered it<g>.)  Anyway, nothing like that shows up in gparted.
> After I edit the partitions, should I just run software that rebuilds the
> grub menu from a live CD?
> ----
> BTW,I finally found software that makes grub2 easy to deal with!
> It's awesome!  It lets you do everything from a gui that's easy to
> understand - which the grub config files definitely are not.  They do a
> lot of the building on the fly in scripts that loop.
> I haven't tried any of the advanced options, but it says it can help you
> set kernel parameters and other features.  It also has the ability to work
> with other drives.
> It even knows if it is being run from a live CD.  It will then
> automatically set everything up, do a chroot and have you working on your
> internal drive in a jiffy.
> If your live CD doesn't have it, no problem.  I loaded my kubuntu oneiric
> live CD, added the ppa and installed the package into the live CD distro
> with no problem and was able to run it from the live CD.
>     This looks cool, I'm gonna try this out. Grub 2 is pretty easy once
>     you get use to it and after much banging on it, I've finally gotten
>     plymouth to do a cool boot splash. Now if somebody can create a nice
>     manager for plymouth.....
> Joe

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