[WNYLUG-Users] RAID speed

eric at bootz.us eric at bootz.us
Thu Mar 8 10:20:07 EST 2012

You have 8 disks: (2) 160gb, (4) 80gb, (2) 40gb
You are only concerned about read/write speeds... I'm using RAID 10 
...not concerned with loss of space.

If each drive is configured to use the beginning sector of the disk then 
each drive will only scan that much?  Making each drive as fast as if it 
were the smallest drive... only having to scan within the size of the 
allocated RAID space?

Lets leave other variables out, lets say they are all similar drives; 
(disk rotation speed, same line of drives from same makers, same cache)
Lets say the only difference is the space on the disks/platters

Thanks in advance,

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