[WNYLUG-Users] Topic ideas for next meeting ?

josephj at main.nc.us josephj at main.nc.us
Mon Mar 5 15:42:51 EST 2012

I would certainly like to see programming topics covered - especially at
the introductory level.  I used to be good at a bunch of languages, but
I'm very rusty at all of them except bash.  I'm gradually learning python.
 I wanted to anyway, but my favorite new app - AutoKey - runs user scripts
written in python, so I'm learning it one Google at a time - not the
recommended method.

With all the technical expertise in this group, I would expect a strong
interest/skill level from many of the members.

Intros should not be undervalued.  I had just about given up on gimp. 
Then, Frank did a session on it at the Beginners SIG.  Now, I use it all
the time - even though I still know very few of its capabilities.

Sometimes, just knowing enough to get started, knowing how to approach a
problem makes all the difference.

If my emphasis on "intro level" doesn't seem appropriate for the group, it
would certainly be appreciated at the Beginners SIG if anyone wants to
present there.


Topics that I would like to see:

Intro to python
  Basic concepts of program design like indenting instead of tokens,
    variable type and scope - how to "think in python"
  Basic error handling
  What is object oriented programming and how does it work in python
  Intro to gui using qt (or in whatever is going to replace gtk)
  Where are all the libraries, how to find the right one, and how to
    install/access them

Intro to perl

Intro to database/SQL
  SQL basics
  LibreOffice base
  sqlite and how to use it with programming languages
  mysql - how to set up a minimal system so I can learn about it
  How to use databases in LibreOffice writer/calc for forms and mailing
    lists - including access to Thunderbird's address book

bash scripting - I'm fairly competent, but when I look at
  the scripts that come with packages, I can see how much I don't know

How to build a package (my duplexpr project needs all of this)
  Creating a new deb or rpm
  Creating make and configure scripts
  Creating a man page from scratch
  Setting up a PPA (and whatever equivalents there are for that
    in the non-ubuntu world)
  How to publish and promote it and get people to try it
    sourceforge, freshmeat, ...

Intro to git - and version control in general
  Setting up and maintaining a project/package
  A lot of beta packages come in git now instead of tarballs
  How to use git to manage some of your files in your home directory
    like scripts or even (English) writing/editing projects

I'd also like to see web development covered along with the languages used
there - javascript, php, HTML and it's variants, xml, css, ruby.

> Brian Powell wrote:
>> So would someone like to present on one of the topics suggested here
>> next meeting?
>> Please let us know soon so Neal and/or myself can come up with
>> something to present on if not.
> Seems a bit quiet after my proposals.
> I may have overestimated the interest in programming topics.
> My apologies to the list if this is the case, and I'll not bring it up
> again.
> Does anyone out here know web development ?  Perhaps there is more
> interest in that.  I need to bone up on it a bit, and would be
> interested doing a presentation after I get a bit more familiar with it.
> J. Hart
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