[WNYLUG-Users] KDE loading problem

josephj at main.nc.us josephj at main.nc.us
Tue Feb 28 04:17:09 EST 2012

My notebook was working fine last I used it.  Other than normal updates
(including a kernel update), I don't think I've changed anything.  I had
it turned off for a few days.

Now, when I login, kde doesn't complete loading.  It has stopped in
several places (by what shows up on the splash screen), but on the most
recent attempt, all the icons on the splash screen *except* the larger kde
icon that comes last "fade" into view fine.  Then, it just sits there.

Things are complicated a bit because my notebook display is dead and I'm
using a very old external monitor.  The only problem that this adds is
that I'm unable to see the grub menu and anything else before the kde gui
attempts to load.

By typing blind, I was able to get to the text login screen.  That works
Then, I remembered virtual terminals and I can get into one of them fine
when kde fails to complete loading.

So far what I've done is run e2fsck on /home and /media/dataspace (which
automounts in fstab).  I haven't figured out how to run it on / yet.  I
tried one live CD so far and it couldn't get the video display to work.
I'll try other CDs and another external monitor later.

I looked through dmesg, Xorg.0.log, and debug in /var/log... and nothing
jumped out at me as an error.

Just for the heck of it, I also ran apt-get update, upgrade, and
dist-upgrade.  They ran fine, but didn't fix anything.

What do I try next?


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