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Okay, thanks.  I didn't change the default config for MySQL, so I will
have to check the my.cnf file on the SQL server to see what I can do to
fix that as I know that I do not have any iptables running on any of my
linux based VMs.


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If they are on different servers, take a look at iptables.  I have had
that happen, before.  Also, make sure that you have MySQL configured to
accept network connections.  The default config will only talk to a
named pipe.






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Hi all!


Here is the deal.  I have an Apache server set up in a VM running Debian
and a MySQL server setup running on another one.  However, whenever I go
to set up Wordpress to access the database on the SQL server, I get a
message saying that a connection to the database cannot be made.  I am
at a loss at this point as to what more I need to do to get this to
work, so any pointers would be greatly appreciated.

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