[WNYLUG-Users] buying a legal Windows vm?

Joe josephj at main.nc.us
Thu Jul 28 08:18:40 EDT 2011

On 07/27/2011 08:52 PM, justin.bennett at dynabrade.com wrote:
> Do you have a valid XP product code? Maybe from the PC your trashed?
> All you need then is a XP Install CD (It's just media, the code is
> everything), create a new VM, boot the VM off the XP CD and do a fresh
> install. Then you can install the VM extensions and all the drivers
> should be all set.  If you know anyone who has a dell, they usually
> ship with a reinstall CD as well, it will have dell branding but will
> say something like 'for reinstalling XP home SP2'. If you can't get a
> hold of one let me know if you have a XP home or PRO code, I can prob
> dig one up.
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> 	[WNYLUG-Users] buying a legal Windows vm?
> My XP vm works, but it has system problems that cause it to "Prepare to
> install" 10 or 15 times every time I boot it and it has all the stuff
> that a hardware install needs that a vm doesn't.  (It was built from
> what I had running and wasn't clean to start with.)  I'm past the point
> of trying to fix it.
> I'm wondering - with all the virtual appliances out there, can I just
> buy an XP vm (with a legal M$ license)?
> My system has "HP extensions" in it.  Do they do anything I really need
> in the vm?
> Once I have a clean XP vm (kind of like the holy grail - rumored to
> exist), I can back it up as I change it and restore a copy when (not if)
> things start to go south.
> I don't have restore disks for my system so I could buy them and rebuild
> it, but then I'd have to sift out all the bloatware and unneeded
> hardware drivers.  And, I'd have to make sure it didn't erase Linux.
> I'd have to put the boot loader back too.  It's something I could
> certainly do, but with the amount of time and effort it would take,
> buying a pre-built vm might make more sense.
> Any ideas?
> Joe
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I have Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 (which is a variant of XP 
Pro) and a product code for it on the bottom of my HP dv5020us notebook. 
  If you have a disk that will work with my product code, that would be 
wonderful!  I downloaded an image from a torrent somewhere, but it did 
not accept my product key.

If you have somewhere you can put an iso image file of the XP disk(s), I 
can download it.  (Probably best if you give me the location off list.) 
If not, I occasionally go past Dynabrade and I could pick it up, copy 
it, and return the original.

Know anything about what "HP Extensions" are?

Do you know of a howto, etc. for stripping out all the things that XP 
needs for bare metal that are not needed by the vm (like hardware 
drivers)?  Pete said to do it, but I don't know how.  In the past (on 
other machines), I've had a lot of "fun" with tools like registry 
cleaners  and removing things that made things worse. You have to know a 
lot more than I ever want to know about Windows internals to do things 
like that safely.

The notebook has its maximum memory of 2GB and it needs all the help it 
can get when I take half of that and give it to the vm.  Linux is much 
happier when it has the whole 2GB.  With 1GB, it can use a ton of swap 
when I'm running a small bunch of torrents.

BTW, I didn't trash the PC - just the XP vm (and the original XP that I 
converted to the vm and don't use any more) is flakey at startup, but 
works fine after that - just slowly.  Darn good for a six year old 
system that has never been reinstalled!  I don't know about Windows 7 
(yet), but for XP, everybody I read said it needed to be reinstalled 
about once every six months just to clean up all the mess it did to 
itself - let alone what users did to it.  It runs kubuntu lucid very 
nicely and I use it for everything.

I still have my Dell desktop (dual boot with Linux), but it's so old, it 
still runs Windows 98 (upgraded from 95!) along with Mandrake 9.1 that 
Bob Meyer installed for me when I first joined the lug.  I'm trying to 
convince myself to get rid of it, but it still works ....



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