[WNYLUG-Users] buying a legal Windows vm?

Joe josephj at main.nc.us
Wed Jul 27 20:16:22 EDT 2011

My XP vm works, but it has system problems that cause it to "Prepare to 
install" 10 or 15 times every time I boot it and it has all the stuff 
that a hardware install needs that a vm doesn't.  (It was built from 
what I had running and wasn't clean to start with.)  I'm past the point 
of trying to fix it.

I'm wondering - with all the virtual appliances out there, can I just 
buy an XP vm (with a legal M$ license)?

My system has "HP extensions" in it.  Do they do anything I really need 
in the vm?

Once I have a clean XP vm (kind of like the holy grail - rumored to 
exist), I can back it up as I change it and restore a copy when (not if) 
things start to go south.

I don't have restore disks for my system so I could buy them and rebuild 
it, but then I'd have to sift out all the bloatware and unneeded 
hardware drivers.  And, I'd have to make sure it didn't erase Linux.  
I'd have to put the boot loader back too.  It's something I could 
certainly do, but with the amount of time and effort it would take, 
buying a pre-built vm might make more sense.

Any ideas?


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