[WNYLUG-Users] Seeking PHP "tutor"

Andrew Long fursink at gmail.com
Tue Jul 12 07:04:48 EDT 2011

Lurker here...

Pardon the off-topic(?) post, but I am in search of someone
experienced in PHP 5.x/mdb2 who would be willing to help with a small
project. I have written a php app (<400 lines of code) which I call
from cron via wget: its purpose is to update tables in a MySQL db
(backend for FreeRADIUS), changing usernames according to some simple
date() functions and sending reports via mail(). The app is completely
functional at this time, but I would like to improve it (since I am a
rank beginner at PHP) by:
1. improve error handling
2. make use of functions and arrays to eliminate redundant code

Rather than just hand this off to a coder, I am looking for someone
who is willing to do a bit of teaching along the way, perhaps meeting
in person over a a few beers to explain and teach a bit. I have no
objection to some monetary reimbursement, but the important skill here
is not so much sublime knowledge of PHP as it is communication and
teaching of fairly basic PHP to a simple sot like me...

I am told by one friend (who is expensive and far away) that porting
to Zend is the preferred method. So, Zend experience is helpful, but
not required, as I'm not sure we'd make that jump at this time.

I'm thinking that I would supply the code to my "tutor" in advance,
giving an opportunity to review and make notes, and then we could

If this strikes anyone as interesting, please reply off-list with your
questions, insults, demands, etc...


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