[WNYLUG-Users] Linux based EBook Reader

SilverBear silverbear at inbox.com
Mon Jul 11 18:54:03 EDT 2011

Hi, Joe.
I'm seriously "into" e-readers. Whatever you pat for one --it's worth it, IF you do the research and get the quality and the features you want for your circumstances.

My initial impressions:

1]Almost all of "these things" are either Linux or Android based. If they're NOT, then automatically DITCH IT as serious contender for your purchase.  So. . .No big deal, unless you find it's not genuine FLOSS and you want to write an app for it. I'm a FLOSS fanatic, and I'm advising that in practical terms, this is not so much of an issue as I judge it to be in computer OS choices.

2] 6" screen is OK --IMO you don't want to go smaller, unless you're a spy or something!  With a 6" 800x600px e-ink screen, you'll seem to be reading a run-of-the-mill paperback novel. Except, with an e-reader, you can "adjust the font size to please your eyes." I LOVE this feature!

3] Text format readability only "EPUB, PDF" is pretty poor.  But using the excellent Calibre e-book management utility (Linux) you can probably convert ebooks from any of the many other formats to epub.  IMO, epub is the beat "all around" ebook format unless you have a book with a lot of tables and/or illustrations.

4] these specs:
a] "Internal Memory: 2GB"   --very good!
b] "Card Reader: Micro SD (up to 32GB)"  --excellent, but I'd prefer a standard SD card size. Still, no real problem here -- your cost for a micro-SD card and adapter for your standard-size SD card reader on your computer  is not  going "to keep Junior from being able to get a new pair of shoes for school in September."

5] I wouldn't count too heavily on its ability to play mp3 files to your satisfaction.  The sound quality on some of these e-readers is not even _close_ to a cheap mp3 player.  But I have no experience with this particular unit. So "Who knows?"

6] See this comparison table of all the well-known e-reaaders from The Site having to do with ebooks.

7] Before you buy, join the forum:
Tell them "SilverBear sent me." and they'll say "What? Who? --just enter a username and password with a valid email address and grow up! Namedropper. . ."
Seriously, you ask any question about ereader hardware or software on this forum, and if you don't get a good answer . . . well, then nobody alive knows the answer.

8] IMO, there may be better choices available, depending on your budget and your ebook access circumstances. I'm not dissing this unit! I'm just saying that there are a lot of alternatives to look at before you choose.

IMO, a decent e-reader is a "must have."  
Seriously, this is 21st Century _base-level_ tech!  
Seriously, I can fit more books on a 4GB SD card than I currently have in boxes in my attic weighing hundreds of pounds, getting moldy and providing a reason for the eventual executor of my estate to hate me on yet another count.

-- John 

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> Subject: [WNYLUG-Users] Linux based EBook Reader
> Just got a Newegg add for a Pandigital Novel Personal EBook reader.
> It's advertized as based on Linux, but the required OS info says Windows
> 2000/XP/Vista/7, Mac OS X.
> (I know that this refers to the support software, not the reader OS.)
> Aside from the obvious irony, does it make any difference that it's
> Linux based?
> Does that mean that the reader is legally hackable - GPL, etc.?
> Joe
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