[WNYLUG-Users] Moving thumbnails in kubuntu

Joe josephj at main.nc.us
Sun Jul 10 23:15:10 EDT 2011

My /home is 22GB.  It keeps running out of space which is kind of 
ridiculous because I keep everything big on other partitions or on 
external drives.

The main culprit is $HOME/.thumbnails which is a whopping 11GB.  This 
might be related to viewing directories in dolphin with thumbnails 
turned on (on other partitions) with large numbers of pictures in them.  
I've got 55,000 large thumbnails and 86,000 normal ones!

I know I can delete it and just turn off thumbnail views in dolphin, but 
they're pretty useful sometimes and I really like them.

Is there some way to tell kde to move .thumbnails to another partition? 
Or, at least, to expire older thumbnails automatically - without my 
having to write another cron job.



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