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frank pirrone fpirrone at verizon.net
Thu Jul 7 19:24:06 EDT 2011

On 07/07/2011 06:35 PM, Joe wrote:
> I'm having a problem displaying a website correctly.  It has a banner 
> picture at the top that is completely gone in Firefox 5 under kubuntu 
> lucid.
> The website displays correctly in Opera, konqueror, chrome, and in 
> Firefox 5 running on my Windows XP vm.
> The website is:
> http://www.shivabalayogi.ca/
> and the piece that does not appear is:
> http://www.shivabalayogi.ca/Web-Banner1024x380-TestA.jpg
> It's a non-commercial website run by volunteers.
> If I enter that url in the address bar, the graphic displays (without 
> the rest of the web page).
> I'm talking with the webmaster to resolve this.
> Just for the heck of it, I disabled ubuntu extensions (which says it's 
> incompatible with FF5) and noscript. Had no effect.
> I use a lot of extensions, etc., so I started Firefox in safe mode 
> with everything disabled.  It did not change anything.  It still 
> displays the same wrong way.
> Any insight as to what could be causing a page that "works everywhere 
> else" to fail in just one situation would be appreciated.
> Joe

I've got a bunch of extensions, including AdBlock (not to mention 
Privoxy proxy), running in Firefox 5 on Ubuntu 11.04, and it displays 

The code on the page is a bog-standard:

     <td  colspan="2">
     <img  src="Web-Banner1024x380-TestA.jpg  <view-source:http://www.shivabalayogi.ca/Web-Banner1024x380-TestA.jpg>"width="1024"height="380"alt="banner"/></td>

and I don't see anything on:


that should affect it.


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