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I thought that as well but from my network, I can login from multiple  
pcs, no problem

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On Feb 18, 2010, at 12:05 PM, "David J. Andruczyk" <djandruczyk at yahoo.com 
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> The problem is probably with their java application..
> It probably is set to limit logins to one per IP.  Since your client  
> is behind a NAT firewall, everyone shares that external IP),  that  
> may be the cause of the issue.
> From your description the issue doesn't appear to be on your end,   
> but with their JAVA application.
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> Have I ever mentioned that I *ucking HATE java!!!!!
> Could anything be more complicated, piece mealed and convoluted???!!!
> I've spent the past 2 days trying to figure out what the problem is  
> with connecting to a clients vendors web site that requires  
> authentication to their web site via a java popup login. After many  
> many tries of different things like using icedtea vs actual java for  
> the plugin, different versions of firefox, even trying IE, I get the  
> same result. The java window will ONLY pop up for one user (not  
> speaking simultaneously). If I connect once logged in with user  
> "peter", then it will NOT work if logged into the network as anyone  
> else, no matter what the changes above. And then it will ONLY work  
> logged in as "peter". However, if I'm NOT on their network, I can  
> log in fine from anywhere else no matter what the user I'm logged  
> into the pc with.
> So this leads me to think it must be something on their network.  
> This is in an LTSP environment so essentially all users have the  
> same internal IP.
> Is there some "system wide" setting for java that needs to be set  
> other than putting the plugin for java in where firefox will read  
> it, of course?
> I have a devil-linux box setup as a router that has worked  
> flawlessly. On that router I can run iptraf and indeed see the  
> connection to their site on port 50000. Could something be stuck/ 
> stale on the firewall causing this not to work because again,  
> essentially, all users are using the same IP internally and then  
> when the java applet tries to run, it can't build what it needs  
> because the user has changed? i.e. when using the gcjwebplugin, I  
> could see it create 2 symlinks in ~/.gcjwebplugin when connecting  
> under user peter's login. It would create the symlinks under other  
> users logins but it would bitch about not being able to build things  
> and the applet would die (running firefox from command line and  
> seeing output).
> Right now my suspicions are with the firewall but with the LTSP  
> environment, I'm not sure. If you haven't clicked off this message  
> by now, any ideas anyone?
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