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by the way, cacti and nagios are what we use.... cacti is fabulous with dealing with snmp data.  It can handle other data queries too, but you have to write a script for it.  Nagios is really good for (not only trending with rrd graphs, as long as you use nagiosgraph or another graphing utility) dealing with notifications.

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On Feb 14, 2010, at 2:59 PM, Daniel Magnuszewski wrote:

> Cacti should have no problem handling aliased nics. My question is whether you're just looking for real time stats or if you're going to want historical trending - that will make a big difference on the available tools. Do you plan on using SNMP?
> -Dan
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> Hello All,
>   I would like to know what others are using (I can't be the only one) in Linux to monitor network traffic/usage. It appears that I'm having a problem because of aliased nics (eth0:0, eth0:1, etc). I looked into cacti, way more than I want and not sure it will handle what I have anyway with the aliased nics. I looked a few in the repos of Ubuntu, nload would be PERFECT but it won't do the aliased nics. The aliased nics looks like that would be a problem for just about anything so that's why I'm throwing this out there. In a nut shell, what I would like is something real simple like nload to put on my router which has 2 physical nics and 9 aliased ones so I can watch all the incoming/outgoing per nic. My router is a pc running Ubuntu Gutsy with Shorewall. I was going to look into nagios but that looks as complex as cacti and I don't want to have a freaking web server running just to check network statistics. Any thoughts? I'm sure somebody out there has dealt with this and I'd rather keep the monitoring on the router, instead of the individual boxes. TIA, Peter
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