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Darin Perusich Darin.Perusich at cognigencorp.com
Fri Feb 12 09:03:43 EST 2010

Experience has shown me that employees, and I use that term loosely,
feel that the computer they've been assigned by their employer is
their's to do with as they wish. What they fail to grasp is that
machine, the network, systems, and underlying data it's connected to are
wholly owned by their employer who may do with as they please. When
executive management comes to me as says I want to see this who this
persons been emailing. what sites they've been surfing, etc, I provide
them with that information.

A few years ago I was going over our systems and security SOP's with a
group of employees, you're required to read and signed off on them
before you can even touch a computer. I was explaining that email may be
read by company management and system administrators and would have
thought I was from another planet from the stunned looks I was getting.

My recommendation would be to put up and authenticating proxy/squid
server with DansGuardian and push everyone through it. Configure the
browsers to use the proxy config URL, ie proxy.pac. After a week or two
they'll be use to having to authenticate to surf the web and will be
none the wiser. Don't block anything for a while and build up some
statistics then boss man can make some executive decisions.

On 02/11/2010 11:13 PM, Cyber Source wrote:
> He hires me, he wants them restricted, that's my job. If the employee has a beef 
> with that, take it up with the guy who's writing their check. The ethical 
> consideration of this, I don't give a toss about. He's an attorney anyway so let 
> him deal with what may then lol.
> frank pirrone wrote:
>> Brian Powell wrote:
>>> <snip>
>>> ...I am with the others, tell Joyce to leave the social sites for at home
>>> and do her job or she can find another one.
>> Absolutely, but I am very sensitive to AUPs having researched those in
>> use by school districts across WNY as well as having reviewed legal
>> issues and BOCES templates, and then having written Tonawanda's.
>> Accessing social networking sites as well as e-commerce sites (or
>> anything socially acceptable or consistent with the company culture
>> found on the Internet) during fully unencumbered time at work - before
>> and after the workday, during lunch and breaks, etc. may be as
>> appropriate as riffling through a catalog or reading a chapter in a book
>> at those same times.
>> Consider this carefully before you reflexively implement lock down and
>> restriction measures and policies, and of course both supervise and
>> respect your workers.  The same thing applies to any technology-enabled
>> device.  The simple fact that there are electrons flowing through it
>> does not suggest that it's doing something that people have never done
>> before,  therefore requiring special regulation.
>> Technical concerns - security, bandwidth, etc., may apply...
>> Frank
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