[WNYLUG-Users] Ok...I give up!

frank pirrone fpirrone at verizon.net
Mon Feb 8 14:29:03 EST 2010

Joe wrote:
> frank pirrone wrote:
>> Joe wrote:
>>> <snip>  
>>> Now, I find that CUPS is usually dead or not started on my
>>> system after boot up and I have to manually restart it (sudo
>>> /etc/init.d/cups restart).  I haven't researched why this is happening
>>> yet since restarting CUPS works.
>>> <snip
>> do:
>> ls /etc/rc3.d | grep cups
>> and if you  don't see s50.cups it's not starting in the graphical
>> runlevel 3.  You can set it to do so via :
>> update-rc.d cups defaults
>> which will add cups to the default runlevel.  If that doesn't do it,
>> you've messed up permissions or something.
>> Frank
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> Thanks.
> so50cups (no dot) is there.
> At boot up today:
> /var/log/cups/error_log is empty
> /var/log/cups/error_log.1.gz (from yesterday):
> E [07/Feb/2010:10:51:15 -0500] Unable to remove temporary file
> "/var/spool/cups/tmp/.hplip" - Is a directory
> E [07/Feb/2010:11:00:26 -0500] [Job 1992] Unterminated string
> E [07/Feb/2010:11:00:26 -0500] [Job 1992] End of file inside dictionary
> E [07/Feb/2010:11:01:45 -0500] [Job 1997] Unterminated string
> E [07/Feb/2010:11:01:45 -0500] [Job 1997] End of file inside dictionary
> E [07/Feb/2010:18:33:52 -0500] [Job 2019] Unterminated string
> E [07/Feb/2010:18:33:52 -0500] [Job 2019] End of file inside dictionary
> E [07/Feb/2010:18:34:16 -0500] [Job 2021] Unterminated string
> E [07/Feb/2010:18:34:16 -0500] [Job 2021] End of file inside dictionary
> E [08/Feb/2010:09:25:35 -0500] Unable to remove temporary file
> "/var/spool/cups/tmp/.hplip" - Is a directory
> .hplip contains an empty file
> -rw-r----- 1 lp lp 0 2010-01-18 17:43 hplip.conf
> What do I look for next? I don't think I did anything interesting with
> permissions anywhere - certainly nothing since I upgraded to karmic.
> Joe
Don't know if we both typoed there, but the init file is a symlink and
should be named s50cups, so if yours is actually named so50cups that may
be a problem.  I've only seen those start-up and shut-down links named
"s" or "k" for start and kill, followed by a sequence or order number. 
I've never seen one named "so" as you report, so my assumption is that
it should be s50cups, as symlink to /etc/init.d/cups.  Easy enough to
check:  If the others in that /etc/rc3.d directory are named so
something as well, then it's no problem.  More likely you typed it wrong
in this message.

That error log doesn't indicate the problem is fatal and is what's
keeping CUPS from firing up, but I'd certainly (re)move that .hplip
directory and restart CUPS to see what happens.  I can't imagine what
would write that directory and the conf file inside other than CUPS
itself, and that should be no problem if it needs to be cleared on
shutdown or restart.


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