[WNYLUG-Users] Ok...I give up!

Joe Hoot joehoot at gmail.com
Sat Feb 6 07:34:20 EST 2010

mmm... I'm not a debian fan (it's fine, I'm just more into rhel-based systems).. but I love me a good Saranac too :)
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On Feb 5, 2010, at 11:31 PM, Eric wrote:

> I'm guessing your using cups, and Debian is strict about it's default cups setup; goto you should be able to setup your printer from there.  If it looks like too much trouble do as Frank says... or be brave and enjoy your knew found knowledge of cups on Debian. I love cups, cups is wonderful especially when they are filled with Black Forest Saranac yummy yummy
> frank pirrone wrote:
>> R May wrote:
>>> Hi, All
>>> Ok...I give up! I got the grub issue fixed, but now that I'm trying to get the printer working on this box for both kubuntu & debian kde, I can't get either one to set up the printer. I have not tried to set up the scanner yet since I'm having so much trouble getting the printer on line. 
>>> Here is the background info:
>>> I have a wired router with a printserver, with an HP 1100 laser printer. 
>>> The scanner is an old Acer Prisa Acerscan 310P, its a parallel scanner.
>>> Now mind you the printer is working on the two other boxes running fedora, pclinuxos, and mandriva gnome, on one box, and pclinuxos, and mandriva kde on the other. They all see and work the printer! The kde box even has a usb scanner on it and it works too!
>>> So what am I doing wrong? Are debian based distors that hard to set up your printer and scanner?
>>> Help!
>>> Ron:)
>> Ron,
>> The distros do vary, as do the two main desktop environments, but one
>> thing you can do, assuming CUPS is what you're running on all your
>> boxes, is to review the configurations of those that are working to get
>> some clue as to what you've got to do with the one that isn't.  
>> What you describe indicates, as you know, Debian/KUbuntu aren't picking
>> up the printer correctly while the Mandriva/PCLinuxOS are.  There's a
>> difference in the base distros and a difference in the version and setup
>> of KDE.  This suggests another solution, ditch Debian/KUbuntu and stay
>> with the one that works.
>> Frank
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