[WNYLUG-Users] vmware and my d: drive

Joe josephj at main.nc.us
Thu Aug 12 15:58:40 EDT 2010

  On 08/12/2010 09:11 AM, Monkberry wrote:
> No need to rebuild anything, If you had a drive that was D in the 
> physical windows, it means it was either a partition or other drive. 
> Just mount the partition in Linux and share in with samba. Then in the 
> vm, map the share and it give it a drive letter (choose D in case you 
> had things looking to D before in windows). Done.
> Virtualization has been the biggest factor in switching my clients to 
> Linux. Dual boots are ok but they're a pain and then people just stay 
> on windows cause of familiarity. But, when their precious windows is a 
> click away, they tend to give the Linux apps a try and then they start 
> to see what all the noise is about ;-)
> Joe wrote:
>>  VMware Player seems to be working so far with my Windows XP vm.  I 
>> haven't tested everything yet.  I did get VMware Tools installed.  
>> (It helps if you login as an administrator before you tell the player 
>> to do the install.)
>> I've seen a lot of cool things done with computers, but watching 
>> Windows running caged in a window on Linux has to be one of the top 
>> ones ever!  Especially because it looks so ordinary and normal.
>> The one big problem that stands out so far is that my D: drive is 
>> gone.  It's on another partition on the same drive (my internal hdd) 
>> as the VM.  Originally, the converter asked me if I wanted to include 
>> it in the vm, but I didn't do it because I thought I would be able to 
>> access it anyway and it would have made the vm a lot larger.
>> Is there a way to access it without rebuilding the vm from scratch?
>> I see there's a thing called File Sharing in the vm, but if I turn it 
>> on, I only want the vm to see my D: drive.  It's Windows and I don't 
>> want it to be able to get anywhere near Linux files in case it ever 
>> gets invaded by anything.
>> I also see that Unity is an option now that the tools are installed. 
>> >From what Frank P. was saying, this sounds really cool.  I like the 
>> idea of being able to access Windows things from Linux, but not the 
>> other way around.  Windows has too many vulnerabilities and too many 
>> people exploiting them.
>> My main point is that I've already invested a bunch of hours on 
>> getting my new Windows vm back up to speed and I really don't want to 
>> have to start over just to get access to my D: drive unless I have 
>> to.  I might even try to do without it if it can't be accessed 
>> without starting over and building it into the vm.
>> TIA
>> Joe
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Thanks.  I've never done anything with samba.  I'm sure it's much better 
now, but over the years, I've seen so many posts here about problems 
that I just stayed away from it.

Where is there a samba for dummies howto?  Or, exactly, how do I do the 
samba part?

Mounting the partition is easy.
Samba, I don't know.
I think I saw a dialog for adding new drives, etc. in VMplayer, so that 
part will probably be easy too.


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