[WNYLUG-Users] vmware and my d: drive

Joe josephj at main.nc.us
Thu Aug 12 05:53:43 EDT 2010

  VMware Player seems to be working so far with my Windows XP vm.  I 
haven't tested everything yet.  I did get VMware Tools installed.  (It 
helps if you login as an administrator before you tell the player to do 
the install.)

I've seen a lot of cool things done with computers, but watching Windows 
running caged in a window on Linux has to be one of the top ones ever!  
Especially because it looks so ordinary and normal.

The one big problem that stands out so far is that my D: drive is gone.  
It's on another partition on the same drive (my internal hdd) as the 
VM.  Originally, the converter asked me if I wanted to include it in the 
vm, but I didn't do it because I thought I would be able to access it 
anyway and it would have made the vm a lot larger.

Is there a way to access it without rebuilding the vm from scratch?

I see there's a thing called File Sharing in the vm, but if I turn it 
on, I only want the vm to see my D: drive.  It's Windows and I don't 
want it to be able to get anywhere near Linux files in case it ever gets 
invaded by anything.

I also see that Unity is an option now that the tools are installed.  
 From what Frank P. was saying, this sounds really cool.  I like the 
idea of being able to access Windows things from Linux, but not the 
other way around.  Windows has too many vulnerabilities and too many 
people exploiting them.

My main point is that I've already invested a bunch of hours on getting 
my new Windows vm back up to speed and I really don't want to have to 
start over just to get access to my D: drive unless I have to.  I might 
even try to do without it if it can't be accessed without starting over 
and building it into the vm.



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