[WNYLUG-Users] Creating a VM from an existing Win XP

Neal Chapman neal.chapman at gmail.com
Wed Aug 4 07:05:47 EDT 2010

Often OEM Windows installs are strongly tied to the hardware and when you
virtualize a physical machine you are changing pretty much every piece of
hardware. This sort of change can result in requiring you to reactivate
Windows or in some cases buy another license. If you are running into this
you should be getting some activation screens or at least a message when you
attempt to log on. Safe mode might help you figure more out.

On Aug 3, 2010 11:49 PM, "frank pirrone" <fpirrone at verizon.net> wrote:

On 08/03/2010 02:45 PM, Joe wrote:
>  On 08/02/2010 08:27 PM, Cyber Source wrote:
>> I've seen ...

If you got as far as the log-in screen running the metal install converted
to a VMWare virtual machine, that's pretty encouraging.  My assumption would
be that there's a hardware/driver problem with what the VMM is serving up to
the OS and what the OS had as its installed configuration.  For example, if
you had an nVidia driver installed in Windows to make best use of an actual
nVidia card in the computer, unless the conversion process replaced that
with whatever virtual hardware the VMM offers to the guest os, that driver's
presence would surely be problematic.

Take a look at your options in VMWare Player and see what generic choices
you can make, if you can make choices at all, and then perhaps boot into
Safe Mode to further tune generic choices in Windows before booting again
into Normal Mode.  The video card is one of the most crucial, and one of the
most common causes of lock-ups.  The sound card and network card and drive
controller would also be right up there in importance and ability to hang a

I'd assume the answer to that question you cite to be VMWare Player.  Makes
more sense than any of the others...and that's looking from the perspective
of what application will be used to run the converted installed OS as a VM.

That hardware spec should be adequate to at least run - I've never run a VM
on anything slower than a 2.16GHz Core 2 Duo laptop or a 2x3.0GHz Xeon SMP
workstation, so that's as much a guess as first-hand knowledge.

Looking over your message before sending to make sure I addressed everything
I could, I see that v.2.x/v.3.x VMWare Player comment - I wouldn't "convert"
explicitly for one version and then run a different version of the player.
 I assume that you downloaded a converter that does the former while you
downloaded a player that is the latter.  You may need to resolve that.


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