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Robert Dege livemotion at gmail.com
Wed Feb 22 11:23:18 EST 2017

For anyone interested, Yahoo in Lockport has multiple Linux admin positions
available.  The details are listed below, along with Alex's contact


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From: Shupe, Alexander <ashupe at teksystems.com>
Date: Wed, Feb 22, 2017 at 10:52 AM
Subject: Linux Job!
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Hello Everybody,

Below is a description of a Linux Job locally here in Buffalo, please
contact me if interested! 716-932-2813 <(716)%20932-2813>, or
ashupe at teksystems.com

1. Linux Systems Administration - Must be able to access remote machines
using command line Linux commands. They do not work with the GUI. Working
knowledge of Linux OS internals (file systems, storage, etc). Knowledge of
LAMP. Tier 2 NOC Techs should come from an enterprise environment and have
hands on NOC experience - troubleshooting clusters of hosts vs a single
host. Tier 2 should also be able to troubleshoot at the application layer.
They are level 2 support and should be able to troubleshoot issues to

Specific Linux Commands to ask:

Screening questions:
What are the consequences of certain commands?
What steps do you take if a server is down? What is your thought process?
Can you troubleshoot a single host vs cluster of hosts?
Can you troubleshoot the application layer?

2. HTTP - understand HTTP response codes, what happens to Yahoo.com when
the site goes down and how to troubleshoot to find root cause.

3. Scripting - basic scripting experience - they use a lot of python

PLUS SKILL: Networking - basic networking knowledge - network connectivity
- understand backbone how servers connect the network - basic understanding
of fiber cut, link, etc. Please note - if candidates have any networking
experience on their resumes they must be able to speak to it.

*Alexander G. Shupe* | Technical Recruiter – Network Infrastructure Services
T 716.932.2813 <(716)%20932-2813> | M 716.225.7978 <(716)%20225-7978> |
ashupe at teksystems.com
300 Airborne Parkway, Suite 100, Cheektowaga, NY 14225

[image: cid:image004.png at 01CE7E43.FDDB9D60]

[image: cid:image004.png at 01CE7E43.FDDB9D60]

[image: TEKsystems]


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