[WNYLUG-Announce] Buffalo Database Seminar Update and Survey

Charlie cjwertz at gmail.com
Wed Jul 20 08:39:37 EDT 2016

I want to update you about some exciting changes happening in our 
Database Meetup group. First, Oliver Kennedy and I are stepping in to 
help me with some of the tasks associated with managing the group.


We have created a 2016 Survey 
which asks about what you'd like to see in the group over the next year. 
We'd also appreciate knowing your preference for meeting night. (There 
are a couple people who are interested in the group but cannot do 
Thursday nights, but we don't want to make a change that will lose 
anyone.) This survey will be available through the first week of August, 
but the sooner we get your feedback the better. Please fill it out if 
you are at all interested.

*Communication Changes

While most things will stay the same, including our affiliation with 
Buffalo Lab, we've been looking for opportunities to change the 
communication paths so that all of our organizers have the ability to 
reach all of you, and nobody is left out of important communications 
(such as weather cancellations). To that end we have created the 
@BuffaloData twitter account <https://twitter.com/BuffaloData> and the 
@BuffaloData Google group 
<https://groups.google.com/forum/#%21forum/buffalodata>. Once most of 
the existing group has made this transition we will announce the 
discontinuation of emails (you will still receive the meetup.com 
<http://meetup.com> notices). For weather notices we recommend you 
follow the Twitter account specifically since the forum posts are easy 
to overlook.

When there are important announcements we will post to both of these 
locations to ensure we reach the widest possible audience. The 
@BuffaloData Google Group is also meant to be a discussion forum. We 
encourage you to bring your questions and knowledge to the group; as 
well as any suggestions for things we could try in the future. We will 
send you an invite from this group in a couple days; we hope you'll be 
willing to join us.

*September Meetup

Buffalo will be home to the CodeDaze.io <http://CodeDaze.io> conference 
on September 15th-16th. This provides a unique opportunity for both us 
and conference attendees, so we have scheduled the September meetup for 
Wednesday, September 14th starting at 6:30PM. The talk will be given by 
Glenn Gordon and will revolve around Internet of Things, Application 
Development for Web Delivery and Microsoft SQL Server Optimization.

There will be a social with food and drink before and after the talk. 
This meetup will take place at the Offices of Stark & Wayne a short 
drive from UB Amherst at 10 John James Audubon Pkwy (shares a building 
with National Fire Adjustment Company, Inc.)

If you have any questions or concerns please just let us know.

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