[WNYLUG-Announce] Update and Reminder - Database Seminar for Jan 14, 2016 - Big-PostgreSQL

Charles J Wertz cjwertz at gmail.com
Sun Jan 10 17:21:49 EST 2016

*UPDATE 1/10/16:

*The newspaper and the T&V are making noises about nasty weather this 
week. It is much too soon to know what the situation will be Thursday, 
but since our speaker is coming from Rochester I will try to keep on top 
of things. Should I decide it is necessary to cancel, I will send a 
meetup email to everyone who has rsvp'd, so please be sure to rsvp and 
also watch your mail on Thursday.  I will do this before noon. CW*


This meetup will be at 7:00PM on Thursday, January 14, in Talbert Hall 
103 on the UB North Campus

Scott Mead is a Sr. Architect and founding member at the Open Source 
Consulting Group (OpenSCG).  Scott has 12 years of experience with the 
PostgreSQL database engine including, migrations to / from commercial 
and open-source RDBMS, application development, large-scale (500+ node) 
database administration and modification of the PostgreSQL kernel. 
Lately, Scott has been highly focused on relational data in a 
horizontally-scalable world; integrating PostgreSQL with NoSQL data 
processing engines.

*Talk: *What's the place of an RDBMS in a NoSQL world? We will dive in 
to tools and tricks available to PostgreSQL developers and admins that 
allow us to take advantage of BOTH horizontally-scalable AND relational 
models simultaneously.

Talbert Hall is more or less between the Governor's and Hochstetter 
parking lots. It is next to the Natural Sciences Complex. Room 103 is on 
the same level as the Hochstetter lots. No permit is required after 3:00 

We'll continue with light refreshments as we've been doing. Let's set 
7:00 as the meet and get settled time with the talk starting at 7:15.

*Special note from  Charlie:* I let the TV weather discussion scare me 
into calling off the November 12 session. I'm not sure how well I did at 
notifying people. If you care to send me a phone number 
(cjwertz at gmail.com), I will call you if this happens again. If you do 
this, let me know if it is a cell number; in that case I will send a 
text. I promise not to give anyone else your number and it is very 
unlikely I will use it for any other purpose.

Our current sponsor is Stark and Wayne. Stark & Wayne LLC is a US-based 
consultancy that specializes in Cloud Foundry & BOSH. They are a 
founding Silver member of the Cloud Foundry Foundation and are widely 
recognized as the leading consultancy, community contributors, and 
educators for both Cloud Foundry & BOSH.

Stark & Wayne works on open source projects to make it easier for 
companies and their staff to discover Cloud Foundry, onboard it into 
their organization, and have success with it. They are also the creators 
and maintainers of popular open source projects bosh-bootstrap 
<http://github.com/cloudfoundry-community/bosh-bootstrap>, bosh-gen 
<http://github.com/cloudfoundry-community/bosh-gen>, bosh-workspace 
and the staticfile-buildpack 
<https://github.com/cloudfoundry-community/staticfile-buildpack/> which 
was recently promoted into the Cloud Foundry Incubator program for 
consideration as a first-class Cloud Foundry code base. We created the 
end-to-end tool chain 
https://github.com/cloudfoundry-community/terraform-aws-cf-install for 
booting up Cloud Foundry into a new AWS VPC.

Please rsvp (http://www.meetup.com/buffalolab/events/227384658/) so I 
know how many are coming. Doing this helps me a lot.

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