[WNYLUG-Announce] Corrected version - DB Seminar - ETL design patterns and data warehousing (OLTP vs OLAP) - May 8

Charles J Wertz cjwertz at gmail.com
Fri Apr 25 16:14:05 EDT 2014

I typed June 8 below instead of May 8. Sigh!

"At the end of the day most of the business software we write is for 
accessing and storing data. Often these two functions are at odds with 
one another. A data schema that optimizes for the needs of "write once 
read many" is not necessarily going to be optimal for write many read 
seldom. The application stack you engineered to collect data may be sub 
optimal now that you actually have to do something with that data or 
maybe you've moved on to newer technologies and have to support legacy 
systems that can't be easily migrated.  I'm going to focus on some 
examples in the wild from my experience implementing custom ETL 
solutions.  Along the way I plan to touch on issues relating to data 
quality, concurrency, ETL design patterns and data warehousing (OLTP vs 

This meetup will be at 7:00 PM on Thursday May 8 in Talbert Hall  107 on 
the UB North Campus. Talbert Hall is between the Natural Sciences 
Complex and Capen Hall. If you enter the campus on Flint Rd, it is a 
little to the left of the Flint Loop. You will probably park in either 
the Fronczak or Hochstetter lot. No permit is required for parking in 
student lots at this time of day.

Our speaker, Bill Chapman is a Software and Operations Engineer who 
specializes in helping businesses make pragmatic decisions about the 
technology they use and the software they create.  He is currently an 
operations engineer at cloud computing solutions provider Stark & Wayne 
and a partner at software consultancy Division By Zero.

We've been settling for light refreshments and will do the same. 
*doolli* is our current sponsor.

Please rsvp at http://www.meetup.com/buffalolab/events/176616902/ 

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