[WNYLUG-Announce] Startup Weekend 3- Oct 4-6 UB! - another reminder

Charles J Wertz cjwertz at gmail.com
Thu Sep 26 12:10:54 EDT 2013

Just a heads up that we are putting on the third Buffalo Startup Weekend 
next week Oct 4-6. We have sold out each year. Great 54-hour dive into 
starting a business.. Great to meet others in area that may share your 
interests and who knows, even if you don't continue on whatever you work 
on that weekend, you'll likely make some new friends and future business 

We supply 7 meals from local restaurants, a shirt, and there are some 
prizes as well. Friday night is a lot of fun to see 60+ people get up 
and spend a minute each pitching their idea that they want to turn into 
a business (you can pitch too). Then teams form around the ideas most 
favored by attendees and the hacking begins. You don't have to be a 
coder, designers and other traditional business/sales/marketing/product 
minds welcomed!

More info and a short video of what to expect:

We expect 125!

See you there!

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