[WNYLUG-Announce] Database Seminar - Riak is bustin' out all over in June

Charles J Wertz cjwertz at gmail.com
Mon May 20 12:23:01 EDT 2013

The June Database Seminar will be on *THURSDAY*, June 20. We'll be at 
Engine Yard. Since this group hasn't been big on food, we'll just have 
some light refreshment once again.

Dave Parfitt will talk about Riak.

Dave Parfitt is a Software Engineer at Basho Technologies, where he 
writes Erlang, Java, Ruby and OCaml code for Riak Enterprise 
multi-datacenter replication. He'll be discussing eventual consistency 
and the Riak distributed database.

Riak is an open-source, masterless, distributed key/value database. Riak 
replicates and retrieves data intelligently so it is available for read 
and write operations, even in failure conditions. You can lose access to 
many nodes due to network partition or hardware failure without losing 
data. Riak automatically distributes data around the cluster and yields 
a near-linear performance increase as you add capacity.

Come one! Come all! Please do rsvp at 

For some group history, see 

Other news:

I'm thinking we will take July and August off.

I'm considering several topics for Fall:  a DBA's view of Object 
Relational Mapping; partitioning and sharding; database design and data 
modelling; ssd; a repeat of my database systems overview. *Please 
comment on these and offer some more  suggestions.* *Please let me know 
if you have something you'd like to present or if you can suggest a 

We are also still looking for sponsors.

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