[WNYLUG-Announce] DataBase Seminar - May is for Mongo

Charles J Wertz cjwertz at gmail.com
Mon Apr 22 17:12:57 EDT 2013

The May Database Seminar will be on THURSDAY, May 16. We'll be at Engine 
Yard. Since this group hasn't been big on food, we'll just have some 
light refreshment once again.

Dan Crosta will talk about MongoDB (from "humongous")  an open source 
<http://www.mongodb.org/about/source-code/> document database, and 
(according to the MongoDB folks) the leading NoSQL database 
<http://www.10gen.com/leading-nosql-database>. Written in C++, MongoDB 
features: Document-Oriented Storage, JSON-style documents, Full Index 
Support, Replication & High Availability, Auto-Sharding, Querying, Fast 
In-Place Updates, Map/Reduce, and GridFS.

"Dan is Lead Developer at Magnetic, an online advertising company based 
in New York City and Buffalo, where he wrangles over 4 billion online ad 
auctions per day. Before joining Magnetic, Dan was a member of the 
Python programming team at 10gen, the MongoDB company, where he worked 
on the MongoDB Python driver, internal tools and applications, training, 
consulting, and developer evangelism. In his free time, Dan goes skiing 
or wonders when it will next be ski season."

Come one! Come all! Please do rsvp at 

For some group history, see 

Looking ahead, Dave Parfitt will be talking about Riak in June. I'm 
thinking we may take July and August off. We are considering a DBA's 
view of Object Relational Mapping for a future date. I am thinking about 
a talk on data modelling. We are also looking for more topics and 
speakers. Please comment on all of this and offer suggestions. We are 
also still looking for sponsors.


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